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 Poisonous Plants/Household Hazards


Many plants as well as household items are toxic to your pets. 

Here is a list of what to be aware of.  If your pet eats anything listed below, please be sure to call (306-545-7211) IMMEDIATELY, to determine what level of care your pet will need. 

Some items may only cause mild vomiting or diarrhea, while others require immediate care from a veterinarian.

Plant - Toxic Part

Plant - Toxic Part

Aconite - foilage/seeds Elephant's Ear - entire
Amaryllis - bulbs English Ivy - entire
Andromeda - entire European Bittersweet - entire
Apple - seeds Flase Flax - seeds
Apricots - pits Flase Hellebore - entire
Arrowgrass - leaves Holly - berries
Atropa belladonna - entire Iris - leaves/roots
Autumn Crocus - entire Jerusalem Cherry - berries
Avocadoes - entire Larkspur - leaves/seeds
Azalea - entire Lantana - berries
Baneberry - berries/roots Lilies - entire
Bird of Paradise - pods Mistletoe - berries
Bittersweet - leaves/fruit Monks Hood - roots/seeds
Black Locust - entire Oleander - entire
Bloodroot - entire Philodendron - entire
Box - entire Pointsettia - leaves/stem
Buckeye - sprouts/nuts/seeds Poison Oak/Poison Ivy - leaves
Buttercup - entire Pokeweed - entire
Calla Lily - entire Privet - entire
Caradium - entire Rattle box - entire
Carolina Jessamine - flowers/leaves Rhododendron - leaves
Castor Bean - entire Rhubarb - leaves
Chinaberry Tree - berries Skunk Cabbage - entire
Chokecherries - leaves/cherries/pits Smartweeds - sap
Christmas Berry - leaves Snow on the Mountain - sap
Christmas Rose - rootstock/leaves Sorghum - leaves
Chrysanthemums - entire Star of Bethlehem - entire
Common Privet - leaves/berries Sumac - entire
Corn Cockle - seeds Sweet Pea - seeds/pods
Cowbane - entire Tulip - bulbs
Cow Cockle - seeds Velvet Grass - leaves
Cowslip - entire Virginia Creeper - leaves/berries
Daffodil - bulbs Walnuts - entire nut
Daphne - bark/berries/leaves Wild Black Cherry - leaves/pits
Death Camas - entire Wild Radish - seeds
Delphinium - entire Wisteria - pods/seeds
Dieffenbachia - entire Woody Aster - entire
Dumb Cane - entire Yellow Jessamine - entire
Dutchman's Breeches - foilage/roots Yellow Oleader - entire
Elderberry - entire Yellow Pin - entire
Yew - bark/leaves/seeds


Common Household Poisons

Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Daytril, etc) - cats Ibuprofen
Aspirin (high doses) Insulation
Automobile Fluids Kerosene
Batteries Lead
Bleach Lye
Boric Acid Matches
Brake Fluid Metal Polish
Carbon Monoxide Mineral Spirits/Oil
Carburetor Cleaner Mothballs
Chocolate Nail Polish & Remover
Cigarettes/Cigars Naproxen (such as Aleve)
Cleaning Fluid Onions (dogs - high doese, cats - any dose)
Deodorizers Paint & Remover
Deodorants Perm Solutions
Detergents Phenol
Disinfectants Photo Developer
Drain Cleaner Rat Poison
Dye Rubbing Alcohol
Fabric Softener Sheets (New) Shoe Polish
Fungicides Sleeping Pills
Furniture Polish Liquid Soaps
Garlic (high doses) Suntan Lotions
Gasoline Tar
Grapes/Raisins Tobacco
Hair Colourants Turpentine
Herbicides/Insecticides Wood Stains

 Often pets will find items in our homes that seem like great toys.  However many of these can be very dangerous for our pets.  Here are a list of a few to be careful of.


These can be easily swallowed and may cause intestinal blockages or strangulation

Drapery Cords
Threaded Needles



Although pets love to play with these items, if left unattended they may swallow and either choke on them or potentially cause intestinal blockage

Cellophane Wrap


Christmas Tinsel

Cats love tinsel and angel hair, unfortunately these can get lodged in their intestines and bowels.  Angel hair is thinly spun glass and can also cause internal bleeding

Angel Hair
Twist Ties


Plugs These can cause internal bleeding and may lead to intestinal blockages
Bottle Caps
Steel Wool


Electrical Cords can cause burns or electrocution if chewed.


Anything that can fit in your pet's mouth, or be chewed to fit can be hazardous.

***Always supervise your pet(s) when they are playing with any toy.***