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We know it isn't easy to ensure you are feeding your pet the best food you can afford.  It is hard to read and understand pet food labels, to know what is myth and what is fact, to know who has the right information and who is just trying to "make the sale". 

Keep in mind that the people in the pet stores are only trained to say what the Sales Rep for any given food tells them to say.  Veterinarians and our team are trained specifically in NUTRITION, so we have the best interest of your pet in mind when discussing diet, and the knowledge to back it up.

In the following links we have tried to give you as much information as possible to make an informed choice.  Need more info?  Have questions? Contact us to set up a Nutrition Consult with our in-house expert - one of our very own technologists!

We carry both Hill's Prescription diets and Royal Canin (previously Medi-Cal) diets.  The formulas we carry are veterinary exclusive.  Both Hill's and Royal Canin do feeding trials on all their diets that are then reviewed by their peers.   


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