Reproduction: Things to Consider

Do you REALLY want to breed your dog? Birth is often at night or at the clinic if problems arise.  There is a lot of work and risk for you as the breeder, and you have to find homes for all the rest of the puppies.  It may be better to refer people to your dog’s breeder or […]

Training Tricks for Dogs

Working your dog’s brain can just as effectively tire him out as getting him out for a run. By no means do I mean that they don’t also need the physical exercise, but with our cold winters, this is a great alternative when it is too cold to get out.  Ideally your dog will get a balance of […]

Pet Nutrition: Myths & Facts

Myth: The meat should be listed first as this means it makes up most of the diet. Fact: Meats listed first are weighted with the water content and often the bones – meaning the actual amount of meat placed in the diet is less.  (Dehydrated chicken or chicken meal weighs less than whole chicken which contains water and bones).  […]

Fall & Winter Pet Care

We all know Saskatchewan winters can get awfully cold with temperatures well below -30 degrees Celsius plus windchill.  Due to these extreme conditions it is even more important to take precautions with our pets during the winter season.  Frostbite can occur in minutes to ears, feet and pads.  Outdoor cats should either be kept indoors […]