Body Fat Index – What Does That Mean?

We have all heard of BMI (body mass index)  – even if we weren’t sure what it stood for – we know it has to do with our body weight.  It indicates what is considered to be a healthy weight based on your height and age.  In animals we use the term BFI (body fat […]

Hot Cars = Melted Pets

You know that feeling when you get in a hot car after it’s been sitting, shaded or not, baking in the sweltering sun all day? That sweaty, sticky clothing, seats stuck-to-the-back-of-your-thighs, tight in the chest, oh-when-will-the-a/c-kick-in feeling? Heck, my son and I had that feeling just the other day after only 30 mins of the […]

January is Train Your Dog Month

January is designated as National Train your Dog Month, but what does that really mean? Training your dog will be different depending on your wants and needs for your pet’s behaviour. For one person it may be that your pet walks nicely on a leash, for another it may be that they don’t go totally […]

February is Pet Dental Month

With February being Dental Health Month, it is a great time to review our past posts on dental health and care. Each week we will update this post with more information about the importance of dental care, what to do to improve your pet’s oral hygiene, etc. February 1, 2022 Let’s begin this month with […]