We are an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital. That means we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Pets are our passion and keeping them healthy is our number one priority. Here, we strive to deliver excellent care for pets because your pets deserve nothing less.

What does it mean to be AAHA Accredited?

To be accredited by AAHA, our hospital must demonstrate an exceptional level of medical care and client service and be measured against the most rigorous standards in the veterinary industry.  Accreditation is voluntary, only 12% of animal hospitals in the United States and Canada are AAHA accredited.

During the accreditation process, we are evaluated based on AAHA’s Standards of Accreditation – an extensive list of more than 900 standards that directly correlate to the care we are providing your pet.  Some examples of these standards include:

  • Diagnostic Services – we are required to provide x-ray and laboratory services in order to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet’s condition.  At our clinic, we provide digital x-ray and in-house laboratory testing for a wide range of blood panels.  Results are provided to you, the owner, usually within 20-30 mins.
  • Pain Management – we look for signs of pain each time we examine your pet and provide appropriate pain management for the anticipated level and duration of pain.
  • Medical Records – AAHA requires that medical records be thorough and complete, ensuring that we better understand your pet’s medical history and how past medical issues might be impacting their current medical status.
  • Technicians – only registered veterinary technologists provide care to your pet. Your pet is never monitored before surgery, while in surgery, during recovery or anytime while in hospital by an assistant or lay person – only a veterinarian or a registered veterinary technologist is responsible for the specialized care your pet requires and deserves.

Choosing an AAHA-accredited hospital for your pet’s medical care provides you with peace of mind because you’ll know that the hospital you’ve selected has the team, training, equipment, medical procedures, and facilities that AAHA believes are important for the delivery of high-quality veterinary care.

Here at Albert North, we take our accreditation seriously and follow the rules and guidelines set out by AAHA. It is important to us to provide the absolute best care we can to your pet – you both deserve nothing less!

AAHA For Pet Owners