Pocket Pet Services

Hamsters, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, mice, and other pocket pets can also seek care at Albert North Veterinary Clinic. These pint-sized animals require immense care as they are prone to illnesses and have shorter lifespans. From nutrition to wellness exams, we can help you take care of these little creatures and nurse them back to health if they are unwell. To know more about our services for pocket pets, feel free to call us at 306-545-7211

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What kind of care do guinea pigs require?

Guinea pigs typically require daily vitamin C supplements (10 to 30 mg daily). This is most easily done by adding vitamin C drops or effervescent tablets to their water.

How often should I bring my guinea pig for wellness exams?

Most pocket pets like guinea pigs should be brought in annually for a veterinary exam to ensure they are healthy and to detect if they have any asymptomatic illnesses. 

What are things to know before I buy a pet hamster?

Hamsters frequently fight each other; thus, they should not be housed together. They can sometimes fight each other to death. Hamsters are also most susceptible to stress-related diseases. They are quite feisty and can bite if startled, especially if they are woken up from sleep. This is why they are not ideal pets for small children.

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