Giving Back

Our commitment to care goes beyond just our patients. Here at Albert North Veterinary Clinic, it is important to us to give back to the community. Through fundraising efforts and our give-back programs, we offer help through funds and resources to other organizations here in Regina. From organizing fundraisers to our veterinarian selling honey from her private beekeeping farm, we have provided aid to groups such as Regina Humane Society, Bright Eyes Dog Rescue,  The Pack Project, Prairie Sky Dog Rescue, Regina Cat Rescue, and Lucky Paws Dog Rescue. 

We love the concept of ‘Pay it Forward,’ and we wanted to find a way to incorporate it into our clinic, so the “Paw it Forward” Fund was created. The fund is made available for emergency services or non-regular preventative health care to local rescue organizations and groups or senior care homes with a pet needing emergency services. When paying their bills, our thought is that clients could simply pay their change forward into the fund. Since September 2013, we have had great support with donations of various amounts. The fund is becoming well established and continues to grow thanks to contributions by our clients. We hope it will be an ongoing and continuous fund for those organizations or groups in need of emergency services.

To donate to the fund, simply come into the clinic and make a donation big or small, we accept them all! To know more information on registering for the fund please email us at

Apart from this fund, we have also organized other fundraisers such as the Every Breath Counts to help provide resources to fire services in Regina and surrounding areas.

We continue to help our community and thank you for your generous contributions so far. We ask you to join in and contribute as much as possible in the future as well! Together, we can make our community even more amazing.