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 We offer a special vaccination compliance discount applied to your subsequent exam fees after your pet's initial vaccination.  Call for details!

Puppies and kittens are born with a very limited immune system. Immediately after birth most will receive some temporary immunity to viruses and bacteria from their mother's milk. This immunity will last for 6 to 14 weeks before it wanes and the puppy's or kitten's immune system needs to take over.  In order to provide your pet with protection from a number of serious and potentially fatal diseases, we recommend beginning vaccinations at 6 to 8 weeks of age. Booster or repeat vaccinations will be required to ensure their immune system has responded to the vaccinations and produced a lasting immune response.

We vaccinate for a number of different diseases. We feel very strongly that all puppies and kittens should receive these vaccinations as many of these diseases are quite common and easily preventable with appropriate vaccination.  

Adult vaccination schedules are determined by a discussion between you and the veterinarian about the lifestyle of your pet and then making a decision about what vaccines are required.  An annual health examination is recommended for every pet regardless of whether vaccinations are required or not. 

We recommend regular check ups: at least once yearly to ensure your pet stays healthy. In between veterinary visits it is a good idea to get in the habit of examining your pet at least once weekly to identify any potential problems early. Be sure to look in the mouth, check the eyes and ears for any redness or discharge, and check the skin for any sores or rashes. Please call if you notice anything unusual. Examining your pet on a regular basis at home will also make it less stressful for your pet during their visit to the vet.


Please note that weigh-ins and body condition scoring by a technician is available whenever we are open, at no charge.  Regular weigh-ins can help you keep your pet at an optimal weight for good health as well as reduce stress for your pet by having quick, friendly visits to our office.

 For specific information on vaccinations, see the following pages:

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SVMA guidelines do not allow Veterinary Clinics to advertise their prices.  For information on the cost of any of our services, please contact us


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