Jasmine K

Customer Service Representative

I am a client service representative at the clinic. Working in the vet world is such an eye opening experience and so much can be learned. Growing up I have always adored veterinarian’s and the work they do. Choosing to work in the veterinary field happened spontaneously for myself, however, it allowed me to follow the same path of wanting to be of help to people and animals. While I may not be in school for veterinary medicine specifically, we are constantly learning lots about it all in our area of work at the clinic, which allows us to be more knowledgeable in our position. This position also allows me to continue on with helping people which allows me to learn and become more knowledgeable in my own field of study. For myself, I find it hard to choose just one area of veterinary medicine to be my favorite, I love it all. I always love learning new things in each area.

The thing I love most about my job and the clinic I work at is that I am constantly learning new things as well as the amazing team members I get to work alongside with. I have never been surrounded by a more positive, encouraging and kind hearted group of people. I enjoy what I do and am so thankful I get the chance to work alongside the people I do.

Fun fact: I am bilingual and almost all of my scrub tops are Disney themed.