While we strive to provide compassionate care to all our patients, there are times when we refer our patients to specialists. On the other hand, patients from other hospitals may sometimes benefit from advanced technologies available at our clinic. This is to ensure all pets receive the best treatment no matter who their primary vet is. We work closely with local practices when special diagnostic procedures are required. To know more about how we offer vet referrals, feel free to call us at 306-545-7211.

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When would my pet require a vet referral?

If our veterinarians think your pet can receive immediate and advanced care at another clinic or a specialist, they will write you a referral. Chronic or special conditions such as cancer treatments and specialized surgeries dealing with the heart, lungs, or other vital organs can be referred to board-certified specialists and hospitals. 

Can I consult with the veterinarian after I am referred to another clinic?

Yes, you can consult with your regular veterinarian after undergoing a procedure with a referred veterinarian or clinic. Our veterinarians are always happy to provide care for our returning patients.

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