Ultrasound and X-ray services

At Albert North Veterinary Clinic, we have a fully-equipped diagnostic lab that offers ultrasound and X-ray services. Our clinic was the first in Regina to provide ultrasound services for pets. Over the years, we have continued to upgrade our equipment to improve image quality for the best evaluation possible. Ultrasound and X-rays remain invaluable tools in diagnosing a wide variety of conditions in pets. Our clinic offers high-quality digital radiology for the body as well as digital dental radiology. To book an appointment or to know more about our services, give us a call at 306-545-7211.

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What can an ultrasound detect?

Ultrasound can reveal important information about fluid/tumours in the body to help determine which organ may be affected. It can also provide pregnancy diagnosis and assessment of fetal viability and health.

Can I accompany my pet into the X-ray room?

The small amount of radiation from X-ray machines can be harmful to humans who are repeatedly exposed to it, especially pregnant women. This is why we ask owners to wait outside the room when their pet is having radiographs taken. 

How is an X-ray used in a dental cleaning?

Dental radiographs are used when cleaning and examining your pets’ teeth under a general anesthetic. They are instrumental in determining which teeth need to be extracted and which are healthy. Many patients, especially cats, have diseases in the roots of their teeth that cannot be seen by looking in the mouth or probing the tooth. Radiographs let us identify these teeth and remove them, saving your pet another procedure a few months later when the problem comes to the surface.

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