Parasite Control and Prevention

If your feline/canine companion resides with or interacts with small children, the elderly, or the chronically ill, you should undoubtedly have your pet on a parasite control and prevention year-round. (Even if that is not the case, year-round prevention is essential for all pets.) These categories of people are most at risk of being infected by parasites through pets. Parasites can cause severe and fatal diseases in pets. To protect your loyal companion and the people around them, having your pet on a year-round parasite control and prevention plan is essential. 

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Do indoor pets need a parasite control and prevention plan?

Yes, even indoor pets need a parasite control and prevention plan. It is a misconception that indoor pets cannot catch any parasites. People, pets, and other animals entering the house can bring fleas, ticks, and parasites. 

Do cats and dogs need parasite prevention medication in the winter?

This stems from another misconception that parasites are no longer active in the winter. Many parasites can reside and thrive in warmer conditions indoors and can still infect your pet. Some parasites like intestinal worms can live inside your pet in the winter months after infecting them in the summer. 

What is the best prevention medication for cats and dogs?

That is a question only a veterinarian can answer. It depends on several factors such as your pet’s age, existing diseases, environmental factors, breed, etc. Our veterinarians can help you build a prevention and control plan based on your pet’s needs and conditions. To book your appointment, call us at 306-545-7211.

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