Orthopedic Services

Whether your pet is active and playful or enjoys passive activities, they might experience orthopedic issues at some point in their lifetime. Orthopedic problems can be caused due to falls, accidents, wear and tear, aging, and genetic predisposition. No matter how it happens, our experienced veterinarians and vet technicians can provide a range of treatments and services to help your pet. To know more about our orthopedic services or to book an appointment, call us at 306-545-7211.

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How are orthopedic issues treated in dogs and cats?

It depends on the kind of issues, the severity, and how it’s affecting your pet. Based on such considerations and a veterinary evaluation, treatment might include medications, weight loss, therapy, rehab, or surgery. 

What are common orthopedic issues in dogs?

Common orthopedic issues seen in dogs include hip dysplasia, ligament tears, luxating patella, and disc disease. 

How can I prevent orthopedic issues in my pet?

There are several ways you can help your pet prevent orthopedic issues:

  • Include regular, low-impact exercise in their routine 
  • Feed them a nutritional-rich and sufficient diet 
  • Help them maintain an ideal body weight
  • Discuss any changes in movement, stance, activity, or behaviour with your veterinarian
  • Take them to regular wellness exams to detect any early signs of orthopedic issues

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