Nutritional Counselling

Finding a good and balanced nutritional diet for your pet is like solving a complex puzzle. A healthy diet is the precise combination of nutrients vital to the pet’s health. Every pet, much like every human, has individual nutrient needs based on their age, sex, and breed. Are you aware of what nutrients your pet needs? To find answers to this question and more related to your pet’s nutrition, call us at 306-545-7211 and book your appointment. 

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How will a nutrition counselling session help my pet?

Here at Albert North Veterinary Clinic, we are pleased to inform you that we have two Pet Nutrition Advocates to answer questions you may have about your pet’s nutrition and current diet. Whether you are looking for food recommendations or want more information about pet food and nutrition, a Pet Nutrition Advocate will be happy to answer all your questions.  

Are preservatives in pet foods good for pets?

Some low-quality pet foods might contain chemical preservatives. When buying pet food, you should look for natural preservatives. Many high-quality pet diets use natural preservatives to prevent spoilage and rancidity. Tocopherols, for example, are vitamin E; spice extracts and citric acid are also natural preservatives.

How would I know if the pet food is appropriate and safe for my pet?

When buying pet food, you will find many retail stores offering “all life stages” products that are not tailored to the key nutrient requirements of different ages.  Protein, calcium, and sodium, for example, are nutrients that have varying requirements in different life stages.  

If a diet is labelled in a manner that states it is suitable for “all life stages,” this usually means it is tailored for a puppy or kitten – when the pet’s diet requirements are at their most essential to optimize growth.  Check the bag for the “AAFCO Statement.” This indicates whether the food has been tested or is just formulated (no feeding or digestibility trials have been done). 

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