Microchips help shelters and veterinary clinics ID and find out information about pet owners when lost pets are brought to them. Microchips are smaller than a dime, approximately the size of a long grain piece of rice. They are inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades. When scanned, the microchip provides the pet owner’s contact information, and the pet can be returned home safely. 

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Are microchips permanent identification devices?

Yes. Microchips will show the owner’s information when scanned at a veterinary clinic or shelter. Pet parents should update owner details and contact information so they can be contacted promptly when their pet turns up at any of these locations.

Are microchipping procedures costly?

In the grand scheme of things, microchips are not expensive. They are relatively cheaper when compared to other veterinary procedures. To know more about the cost of microchipping, feel free to call us at 306-545-7211

Are microchips GPS enabled?

Microchips are not GPS enabled and cannot track your pet’s location or movement. When scanned, they only show the pet owner’s contact information and medical history of the pet. 

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