Veterinary medicine has come a long way. Many human medicine equivalents are now available for your loving pet as well. One such medical practice is laser therapy, a non-invasive alternative therapy that helps alleviate pain and inflammation in canines, felines, and other cherished pets. This technology uses lasers to help patients recover from surgeries and traumatic injuries and relieve pain from wounds, fractures, and more. To help your pet on their journey to recovery, call us at 306-545-7211

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How does laser therapy work?

Laser therapy uses light waves of a specific wavelength on areas of the body experiencing pain or inflammation. The waves of light activate electrons and stimulate cells. It helps release endorphins that are natural pain relievers. It also causes an increase in blood flow to the affected areas and thus, increases the oxygen flow, which helps in faster repair and recovery. 

Post-surgery, is it mandatory for pets to receive laser therapy?

No, laser therapy is not mandatory for pets post-surgery. It is an alternative method for speedy recovery and pain management. Depending on the condition of your pet and pain medications, the veterinarian might or might not recommend it. 

Can pets recover from an injury without laser therapy?

Yes, some pets might not need laser therapy to recover from injuries. Depending on the severity and the pain experienced by your pet, a veterinarian might suggest laser therapy to help speed up the recovery process. Laser therapy is also recommended when pain medications are not effectively addressing pain and inflammation.

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