Heartworm Testing

Heartworm disease is caused by a parasitic worm that lives in the heart and surrounding vessels of domestic dogs and cats. (Cats are less likely to get heartworm, but infestation happens on occasion.) This parasite can cause coughing, weight loss, heart failure, and death. Heartworms are certainly, something to be avoided. The best way to stay ahead of the worms is through regular testing. To book your next appointment or to know more about our heartworm testing services, please call us at 306-545-7211.

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How is heartworm testing carried out?

Heartworm testing involves taking a small blood sample, and we generally have the results within a few days. Annual heartworm testing and prevention is advised for pets who frequently travel to heartworm hotspot areas. 

Can heartworms transfer from one dog to another?

Yes, heartworms can spread from one dog to another through mosquitos. The mosquito will pick up “baby” worms when it bites an infected dog and transfers them to another dog. The worms take up to one year to mature. An infected dog may have 50 or more worms. This is why pet parents should be cautious come mosquito season. 

Is heartworm disease preventable and treatable in dogs and cats?

Yes, heartworm disease is preventable in both dogs and cats. You can prevent heartworm by ensuring your pet is on a year-round prevention plan that includes deworming and preventative medicines. Heartworm is also treatable in felines and canines. However, treatment is lengthy, often taking several months, and costly. Treatment is most effective when parasites are detected early.

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