It is never easy to decide to let our pets go, but sometimes it is the best gift we can give them. How do you know when it is time? What is the process? What do you need to do? We are here to provide you with the answers and support you through the most difficult part of owning a pet. We are here to take care of you and your pet in the last stage of their life. Do not hesitate to call us at 306-545-7211 for any questions you have about euthanasia.

How do you decide if my pet needs to be euthanized?

One of our veterinarians can counsel you on when they feel it is best to euthanize your pet rather than continue treatment. Euthanasia is generally recommended when treatments are failing to provide relief from the pain and severe symptoms associated with disease. It may also be considered when a pet is unable or unwilling to eat or do any “normal” activities. And finally, when their condition has deteriorated so much that it is inhumane to keep them alive. Essentially it comes down to their quality of life – are they having more bad days than good?  Deciding to end a pet’s life is not an easy choice to make, but we will provide you with all the guidance you need so your pet can cross the rainbow bridge in the most peaceful way possible. 

Do I have to be present during the procedure?

The choice is yours. You are most welcome to stay with your pet during the procedure to say goodbye, or if you are more comfortable, leaving them with us and not staying for the euthanasia. Every pet parent is different. What you choose is entirely up to you and is a personal decision. There is no judgment when you make this choice. Some people wish to have the whole family present, which again is your decision ; however, we don’t recommend that children 8 years of age or younger be present. 

Can I cremate my pet?

Yes, you can choose to cremate your pet’s remains. We offer an individual cremation service through Faithful Friends Crematorium. They have many options for your pet’s ashes, including your choice of urn, a special bag for scattering in a special place, and more.