At Albert North Veterinary Clinic, we not only help take care of sick cats and dogs – but we also help them find loving forever homes. Through community efforts, we have been able to help many cats and dogs find compassionate caregivers and parents who can house them, love them and nurture them. Apart from adoption services, we also organize many community initiatives, fundraising, and give-back efforts – all of which donate money and resources to local shelters and rescue missions. Our compassionate care extends to all animals in need of homes and care. We continue to encourage people in the community to support our efforts and help us secure homes for as many animals as possible. 

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What are things to keep in my mind before I decide to adopt a cat or dog?

Here are some things to take into consideration before you adopt a pet:

  1. Adopting a pet is a major life decision for you and the pet. Pets can become your best pals for life. Ensure that you give this a thorough thought. 
  2. Think of your environment and living conditions. If you live in a small space, you might want to look into adopting a smaller breed of dog or cat to make it easier to live in a small space. If you travel a lot, you might not want to adopt a dog that has separation anxiety. Think of your lifestyle and understand what animal or breed might be more suitable. 
  3. Spend time at the shelter. Interact and get to know the dogs or cats before you decide to bring them home. 
  4. Prepare a space for them. Buy food, toys, blankets, and other items your pet might need. Pet-proof your space before your pet arrives home. 
  5. Find a veterinarian. This is an important step. Pets must be vaccinated and taken to regular wellness checkups. 

What organizations does your clinic support?

We have supported several local shelters and rescue missions, including Bright Eyes Dog Rescue, The Pack Project, Prairie Sky Dog Rescue, Northern Sky Greyhound Rescue, and Lucky Paws Dog Rescue.

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