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Nutrition Consultation

There a few things to consider before selecting the right diet for your pet.

 Nutrition should be based on the value of nutrients in an ingredient.  Ingredients should be selected according to their nutritional profile.  Like a complex puzzle, a nutritional diet is the precise combination of the nutrients which are vital to the animal’s health.  Every animal, much like every human, has individual nutrient needs based on their age, sex, and breed predisposition.  Are you aware of what nutrients your pet needs?  

 In addition to a diets defined nutrient content, there is added value that resides in a diet's palatability and digestive safety.  A quality pet food company runs their diets through a series of safety, quality, and palatability tests before being brought to market.  Are you informed as to what testing has been done on your pet’s food?

Here at Albert North Veterinary Clinic we are pleased to inform you that we have two Pet Nutrition Advocates to better answer any and all questions you may have about your pet’s nutrition and current diet.  Whether you are looking for a food recommendation, are currently on a therapeutic veterinary prescription diet, or just want more information about pet food and nutrition, a Pet Nutrition Advocate will be happy to answer all your questions.  Simply contact the clinic to setup an appointment for your FREE Nutritional Consult today.

Our Pet Nutrition Advocates, Brianna & Lucas,  are licensed Veterinary Technologists who are highly trained in pet nutrition.

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