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Albert North Veterinary Clinic - Emergencies

In Case of an Emergency

If your emergency is during our hours, please contact us immediately 306-545-7211.

If you have an emergency outside of our regular business hours, we recommend that you contact the emergency facility listed at the bottom of this page.

If you do need to bring your pet to the 24 Hour Care Center, be sure to let them know Albert North Veterinary Clinic is your home clinic.

Any of our patients seen at the Emergency clinic are entitled to a FREE follow up exam with us, within 48 hours of your pet's release. 

Please note: 24 Hour will no longer be automatially sending patient records to a patient's home clinic.  You need to request this or call us to set up your free recheck and we can request the records for you.

Exotic Animal Emergency Policy

March 20, 2017

Dear Clients;


Effective immediately I will no longer be able to offer after hours emergency care

to exotic animal patients. In the past I have tried my best to attend these emergencies

or at least offer some advice. Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, I have been the only

veterinarian in Regina to offer this service. As a result the amount of after hours work

has made it difficult for me to be effective at work the following day and has put a strain

on my home life. It is simply not possible for me to attend every call, 365 days a year. I

do not take this decision lightly; I care a great deal for all my exotic animal patients and

hate to think of them in distress or suffering.

If your pet is very ill after hours I recommend you call the Western College of Veterinary

Medicine in Saskatoon (1-306-966-7126). They have 24 hour service and have an ICU

available for exotic patients. In addition the laboratory that runs blood tests and the

Avian and Exotic Specialists are there which will speed the diagnostic process as all of

our exotic animal samples need to be sent to outside laboratories. I understand that the

travel distance is significant. However, I am confident your exotic pets will receive the

best care possible there. The 24 Hour Emergency Care Center in Regina (info below) may

provide emergency euthanasia services to exotic patients who are suffering. I will continue

to provide emergency service to exotic pets during my regular consulting hours as well as

after hours emergency post-surgical care to our patients.


Tracy Fisher, DVM

24 Hour Animal Care Center

1846 Victoria Ave E.
Regina, Saskatchewan  S4N 7K3  Canada

Phone : (306)761-1449

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