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We appreciate our clients providing honest reviews about their experience with our clinic.  We encourage you to go to the following sites to Write a Review and/or provide a testimonial here on our site.  We thank you for your feedback!


Posted By : Aastha Shrestha (
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We called this morning to request an appointment.  Dino went above and beyond to ensure we can be fitted in.  She was so awesome and called us over when they have a cancellation.  Best custom service ever.  Very knowledgeable and friendly doctors and staff members.  Definitely somewhere I feel confident to take my paw baby.

Posted By : Laura Sutherland (
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The day we had to let our Jaxx go was the most difficult decision, however Dr. Fisher and all of the other staff involved were so compassionate and caring with Jaxx as well as us.  While this is never easy the kindness shown was appreciated.  

Posted By : Anne Hauck (
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Have been coming to this clinic for years and am treated like one of the family. They offer me exceptional care for my pets, including my parrots. They are compassionate and always have time to listen to us.


Posted By : Mark Jenzen (
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The wonderful staff and Drs. at North got us in ASAP after our Yellow Lab got ill on our hunting trip. They brought us in, treated us with genuine empathy and concern, took great care of Willow (and us), and made us very comfortable. Willow has gotten better quickly, hunted for the remeinder of our trip, and the care allowed us to TOTALLY enjoy the rest of our trip. Thank YOU so much! You allowed us to finish and totally enjoy the time in SASK. Great experience in a stressful time with a pet.

Posted By :  Courtney Tuck (
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Amazing Vet Clinic. I'm am very nervous taking my dog to the vet and very protective of her. The entire staff is very warm and friendly. The Vets and Technicians are very open, honest and transparent about all of their procedures and operations. They are a very professionally and friendly staff. My lil pooch had to under go surgery, and as anxious as I was, the staff eased my conscious every step of the way and resulted in a very positive outcome and now have a happy pooch at home. Thank you Albert North Staff. You have significantly improved the quality of my dogs life, and she hasn't even healed from her procedure. She is much much better than when I brought her in for her procedure. I couldn't have dreamed of a better outcome!


Posted By :    Thane Gaveronski (
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Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff and vet that saw us today! You made us feel secure in our decisions, answered our questions on quality of life, no pressure of doing more! We left feeling looked after and taken care of of! Thank you!


Posted By :    Darlene Kerr  (
Posted :    6/22/2013
Comments :    Since 1998 I have dealt with North Albert Animal clinic. It all started when I wanted an ultra sound on a collie of mine to determine number of puppies. The friendly way bi was treated and the gentleness exhibited towards my collie girl told me I found the clinic I wanted to deal with on a regular basis. I have complete trust in the vets at this clinic. The thought of having vets from any other clinic care for my chums frankly gives me a 'queasy' feeling in the pit of my stomach. A GREAT vet is as important as having an excellent MD for yourself. At least it is to me!!


Posted By :    Judy Bird
Posted :    4/12/2012
Comments :    I have been bringing my animals to this clinic since 1998, and have always received exceptional care. Dr. Eatoch, Dr. Fisher and Dr. Leibe and clinic staff have helped me with everything from regular visits, routine checkups, serious injury and illness to having to say goodbye. They are the best!


Posted By :    Tracey  (
Posted :    2/28/2012
Comments :    Love the lay out of the new website. It is very user friendly, easy to navigate. And love the information so did my 13 year old daughter, she spent about an hour just reading information. We appreciate the friendly greetings and smiles when we go to the clinic, the help everyone gives us. And the excellent treatment to all our fur babies.We also appreciate how everyone (especially Dr. Leibe for all her help with our baby Ryder and COle)goes above and beyond!

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