Conner Nix

Practice Manager


Pronouns: He/Him

I am the Practice Manager and a Registered Veterinary Technologist that has been with Albert North since 2005. I started as an Assistant and worked in reception until graduating with great distinction from Olds College in 2010, with a diploma in Animal Health Technology. In 2011, I became the Head RVT and worked with an incredible dream team of fellow Technologists – most of whom are still at the practice today. I have a great interest in anesthesia and dentistry and love to take on those roles whenever possible.  In 2017, after the adoption of my son, I took a year off and then continued to work part-time until 2021 when I took on the role of Practice Manager. 

The road to my career in veterinary medicine was completely by accident and nothing I ever planned. I was placed here on a work experience program by Thom Collegiate on a whim, and I’ve never left.  I always loved animals and grew up with a house full of them, but I never considered the possibilities until I met the people here at Albert North. So many incredibly smart and talented people taught me about the industry and really championed me to get involved. I get to come to work everyday now and help animals. There really is nothing more fulfilling than that.

It has been quite an adjustment from my years on the floor as an RVT to Practice Manager, but I am really enjoying learning new things and getting the opportunity to help shape the practice in new ways. Building relationships and focusing on the power of teamwork is what interests me the most right now. I’m very lucky to have such dedicated and talented staff. 

In my spare time you will find me in my garden trying desperately to keep the rabbits away, eating vast amounts of carbohydrates whenever possible, and spending time with my husband and our son.