Cassandra Z

Lead Customer Service Representative

Certified Canine Bodyworker

I chose to work in the veterinary field as it has interested me from a young age. I love working as a CSR in the field because it is so rewarding being that first and last point for clients. Working as the front staff, we get to create a totally different relationship with our clients than the vets/techs get to.
I attended a few schools (CIECBW and RHSAAM) for canine bodywork and massage. I started my training in 2012 due to my own dog having an extensive injury, and from there I found my passion of helping dogs (and cats) live pain free!
I love keeping up to date with updated therapy, supplements, and exercises as they are always progressing and improving. 

In my spare time, I compete in flyball (a dog sport that is like a relay race) with my husband and daughter. We currently have the fastest team in Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as the fastest dog in Saskatchewan! I am also a positive reinforcement dog trainer and teach classes year-round through High 5 Dog Training here in Regina.