Brianna Redlich


Growing up I wanted a career where I could help animals. I thought about being a Veterinarian until I came across the RVT program in my last year of high school. I attended school at SIAST in Saskatoon. I graduated in 2010 and began working at Acadia Vet Clinic. In 2012 I moved to Regina to join the Albert North Veterinary Clinic and have been there ever since. After a couple years in the field, I found that I enjoyed the nutrition and rehab side of being an RVT. I am able to help pets through nutrition and laser therapy. The best part of the job is seeing how we can improve a pet’s quality of life. When a sick or injured pet comes into our care we become emotionally invested. The wins bring so much joy to us and stick with us for years and years.

A fun fact about myself is that after over 10 years in the field I am moving on to a new dream of mine, which is to open a yarn store in Regina. I may not be in the clinic full time, but I will always be an RVT at heart.