Albert North Veterinary Clinic

216 McIntyre Street
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ANVC's Support Team

Rachel Ruthven - Head Client Service Rep - see her profile under the Management Team

Alisha Triff - Client Service Rep

Alisha started as a volunteer for ANVC in September of 2011.  In the fall of 2012 she started pre-veterinary classes at the University of Regina and graduated with a degree in Biology in 2016.  She is continuing her education and plans to become a veterinarian.  

Alisha enjoys participating in sports and spending time with her three cats and her Labrador Retriever.

Alisha was accepted into the veterinary program at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in the fall of 2019.   On the occasional Saturday you will still see her smiling face!

Albert North Veterinary Clinic - Regina, SK - Cassandra - Reception - Canine Massage

Cassandra Zdanowski - CCBW, CTMT -Animal Massage Therapy/Client Service Rep

Cassandra joined our team part time in February 2017 and became full time by the end of May.  Cassandra has been doing canine massage therapy since 2013.  She has traveled all over North America taking courses for sport dogs, senior dogs, injuries, ligaments, trigger points, and myofascial release.  She has helped many dogs have less pain, move better, and be more comfortable. 

Cassandra lives with her husband, daughter, 13 dogs, and 3 lizards.  In her spare time she plays various dog sports and enjoys traveling.

Albert North Veterinary Clinic - Regina, SK - Support Team: Megan

Megan Charnock - Client Service Rep

Meghan joined our team in October 2017, she is originally from Vibank, but living in Regina!  Megan is not new to the veterinary clinic atmosphere, with 3 years experience under her belt.   

She has two horses; Tristan and Schultz, as well as two Border Collies; Max and Ringo and a Puggle; Hendrix! In her spare time you can usually catch her at the barn or competing in mounted shooting!

Dena "Dino" Claypool - Client Service Rep

Dino is not new to the veterinary culture, having been in the industry for the last several years.  New to our team, she joined us at the end of August 2018.  More info coming soon.

Lexi Kulcsar - Kennel Assistant/Client Service Rep

Lexi has worked in the veterinary world for almost three years and joined ANVC in early October 2018.  She was born and raised in Regina and has always had a love for animals.  In her spare time she likes to snuggle with her 14 year old Golden Retriever Josie, spend time with her friends, and go to the gym.

Lexi is currently acquiring her BSc in Psychology and plans on applying to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in the near future.

Albert North Veterinary Clinic - Regina, SK - Support Team

Alyssa Lestage - Kennel Assistant/Client Service Rep

Alyssa joined our team in April of this year.  Bio coming soon.

Luvena Stocken - Kennel Assistant

Pic and bio coming soon!

Ashley Posser - Kennel Assistant

Pic and bio coming soon!

Journey Masney - Client Service Rep

Pic and bio coming soon!


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