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Fit & Furry

Our Fit & Furry Weight Loss Challenge includes the support of a weight loss coach.  With their expertise and your commitment, we can help your pet shed those unwanted pounds.

Details on this year's Fit & Furry challenge:

  • An initial weigh-in is required during the week of June 17th.  
  • Receive a nutrition consult, where your weight loss coach will go over your pet's nutrition history, BCS, select an appropriate diet for your pet's needs, give you a specially designed feeding guide, and go over our Fit & Furry Weight Loss book and Passport to Weight Loss
  • Follow up weigh-ins every 3 weeks until the final weigh in the week of September 30th
  • Receive special gifts with each follow up weigh-in!
  • First & Second Prizes will be awarded for both cats and dogs (based on your pet's % loss)

Contact us if you have any questions!  No appointment necessary for your weigh-ins!