Albert North Veterinary Clinic

216 McIntyre Street
Regina, SK S4R 2L8


This page provides you with information about the clinic and about products and services available, that you may not have been aware of.

Canine Massage

We now offer canine massage!  We are super excited to let our clients know we now offer canine massage. Appointments, initially, will be available only on Wednesday evenings.
Cassandra - our newest receptionist, is also highly trained in canine massage. Massage therapy is great for dogs that have had any surgery, an injury, arthritis, are active in any sports, just to name a few. To learn more about Cassandra, see her bio.


Did you know that you can get a tour of our clinic?  We welcome current clients, new clients and potential clients.  Tours can be at anytime within our regular clinic hours, our only request is that you call us before heading down.  In the event of an emergency or surgery we may be unavailable to provide a tour for you and the call ahead just ensures a time that will work for you and us.

Blood Machines

We have blood machines that are faster, more accurate, require less blood and give us more information than our previous blood machines.  Wondering what the benefits are to doing blood work?  Click here to find out more.

Cat Room

We have created a cat friendly space in our clinic.  One of our exam rooms has been filled with items just for cats.  There is also a pheromone diffuser plugged in to the wall to help create a calmer environment.  The door is always closed to contain this pheromone.  Much of the information and products are specific to cats' health, even the artwork is for cats.



We have added a new feature to our website, you can browse the WDDC Catalogue (who we get our toys/treats from).  If you find an item you would like ordered, simply fill in a request form.  We will order the item for you and call you when it arrives.  Items should be in within a week of order. 

Note: Prices listed are MSRP, so there may be some varience (more often than not, we are a bit less than the price listed, but we will never be higher). 


Did you know about our referral program?  Click here to learn the benefits to you.


There is a new diet out from MediCal called Calm.  Available for both cats and dogs, it is designed for the animal that tends to stress easily.  Want more info?  Contact our clinic to find out more.

 Multiple Pet Discount

We offer a discount to clients who bring mutiple pets in at the same time for annual exams and vaccinations, whether it is 2 or 6, there is a discount we provide.  To find out what discount you would receive, give us a call.

Buy 6 Get the 7th FREE

This promo was implemented in June 2010.  On all bags of food and all full cases of cans purchased, we will keep track for you.  Once you have purchased 6 bags of food, you will get one bag free or purchase 6 cases of cans, you will get one case free.  There is no need for you to keep track or carry any sort of card with you, we will do that here in clinic. 

This is a promotion brought to you by us at ANVC, not by the food companies.  In doing this it makes most veterinary exclusive pet food comparable in price to those foods in the pet store.

Not a client, but would like to purchase your food here?  You certainly can, set up a file and you too can take part in this program.


An all-natural supplement for calming effects for dogs and cats.  Zylkene is made from a milk-derived biopeptide that is clinically proven to have calming benefits without any known side effects.  Zylkene decreases the signs of stress - including those associated with chronic stress and fear of noises (fireworks, thunderstorms, etc), it reduces situational phobias such as traveling, moving, adoption, grooming, new people, etc.  It also increases pets' receptivity to behaviour modification training.   

This product is available over-the-counter, it comes in a capsule form that can be given whole or the contents can be sprinkled on your pets' food.  Come in to the clinic for more information or to try it today. 





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